European AI & Data Ethics Forum 2020

PROGRAM - No AI without Data. No Data without Ethics

DAY 1: 21st October 12-17.30 (plus optional dinner)
Keynote: The Global AI Race - geopolitical dimensions of the AI race and the human-centric model. Francesco Lapenta, Director of the Institute of Future and Innovation Studies at John Cabot University
Keynote: AI transparency and public algorithm registers. Meeri Haataja, CEO and founder of Saidot.
Cases&Debate: Next Gen Chatbots. Stephen Alstrup, Superviz and Michael Birkebæk Jensen, KMPG
Talk&Reflections: AI/ML in Practise. Daniel Safai, Datamaga. Dan Rose, Paperflow. Ulrik Korsholm DMI. Jesper Schleimann, SAP and Sasmita Kusumastuti, assistant professor at Copenhagen University.
Keynote: Sharmila Chockalingam, Unity Technologies

DAY 2: 22nd October 8.30-14.00
Keynote: DataEthics is The New Green. Vera Heitmann, IKEA
Keynote: The Rise of Ethics in Advertising. Jamie Barnard, Unilever and World Federation of Advertisers
Cases&Debate: AI for the Sake of the Children. Three cases and discussion. Bo Rasmussen, Gladsaxe Municipality. Björn Preuss, Norrtälja Municipality, Thomas Nørmark, Itelligence, Piek Visser-Knijff, data ethicist
Cases&Debate: Data Ethics as a Competitive Advantage. Three cases and discussion. Kenneth Herschel, Viggo, Caspar Engelshart-Sabinsky, Nuuday (TDC) and Marija Puselja, Nextcloud.
Keynote: The Relentless Data Watch Dog. Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad, Forbrukerrådet Norway
Talk: Best cases after Hackathon for Engineers. Inese Podgaiska, Nordi Engineers

Plus a lot of networking in between and after
Detailed program
Practical info, all speakers



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PRICE for both days
Onsite + dinner: 3000 DKR/400€
Online: 1250DKR/160€
Onsite - dinner: 2500DKR/350€
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Hashtag #NoDataWithoutEthics

DIT Medlemshus (The Danish IT Society)
Vermundsgade 38C
2100 Copenhagen

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