Category: Digital Self Defense

Ethereum spells disruption

Analysis. In the past, the word blockchain was automatically associated with cryptocurrencies.  Such a system designed for digital transactions is Bitcoin, with opinions around it being split between supporters and critics. Enthusiasm for Etherum, a new game player, reached new … Read More

The Hidden Tracking Around Your Wrist

Analysis. Before you buy a wearable to track your health, then check whether you can trust the company behind the gadget. Products for the quantified-self-segment are a lucrative business growing rapidly, because they really are motivating to use. But most … Read More

The Ad- and Cookie Blocking Frenzy

Hundreds of millions of users are already blocking ads and cookies today, but it is just be the tip of the iceberg, claims Frederic Filoux in his always great column Monday Note. “The ad blocking picture in even more startling … Read More

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