Ethics and trust are key parameters. Now to the how

ANALYSIS. Products in the digital economy must be ethical- and secure- by design. That is one of the major takeaways in a brand new global report from Accenture. The research company identifies five fundamental forces in today’s digital economy. Besides … Read More

Tech companies differ on encryption

News. The recent terror attacks in among others Paris and San Bernadino have put even more pressure on tech companies to allow access to their user data. Specifically, tech companies are asked to provide a backdoor for law enforcement to … Read More

Data to be treated like nuclear power

News. Big Data and computer science are like nuclear power 60 years ago. As in the 1950s, scientists need to look critically at their work and take part in the public debate. That is according to Philip Rogaway, an accomplished … Read More

Can algorithms be racist?

News. The Internet is often regarded as a “great equalizer” in societal terms. But the use of Big Data can have the opposite effect, by reinforcing social and racial prejudices, Michael Brennan, Technology Program Officer at Internet Freedom, writes. By … Read More

Data is key to Republicans’ emotions

Analysis. Data and propaganda is dangerous combo. The ongoing US election campaign sets new standards for voter manipulation. Senator Ted Cruz, Republican, has harvested millions of Facebook data to analyze and influence the choices of voters. Not with facts, but … Read More

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