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A Data Democracy is a Slow Compromise

HighLights. Data democracy vs data dictatorship and data monopolies. AI and ethics. Individual data control. These topics went through thorough examination at this year’s DataEthics Forum, where participants from South Africa over the US and all of Europe met and networked over at topic that is only getting more traction

“Individual action is good. But it is not enough. We have always regulated technology, so why should we stop at AI,” asked one of the keynote speakers, Paul Nemitz, special advisor to DG Justice in the EU Commission. “Why must we support law? Because it is a democratic matter. It is a matter of power. Data gives power. Over people, over communication, and also over the democratic processes.”

Nemitz said that the tech industry does not have the answer to the current crisis in our democracy:
“They say there is one solution and that it is theirs. But that is not democracy but hard engineering processes,” he said. “Unregulated internet undermines democracy. Europe should make democratic rules, which we think are good. And we must relearn that democracy is not perfect, it is not an engineered bug-free program. Democracy is a compromise.”

Here more from Paul Nemitz in this video.

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