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Examples of previous News Letters from DataEthics.EU:

Newsletter from 26th October 2016

  • Blog: Privacy Is For The Rich – In The Beginning
  • Report: PIMS Can Support Data Protection Principles
  • News: Governments Grapple With Regulation of AI in Cars
  • News: With Dataism Humanism Faces An Existential Challenge
  • News: Japan Bets On Personal Data Stores
  • News: Ethical Implications of IoT Need Focus

Newsletter from March 8th 2016

  • Analysis: The Hidden Tracking Around Your Wrist
  • News: Is Your Smartphone Listening In?
  • News: Safe Harbour 2.0: Privacy Shield
  • News: Consumers Not Only Worry About Privacy. They Act
  • Survey: Declining Trust in Mobile Operators
  • Research: Robots Read Books to Become Like Humans

Newsletter from February 14th 2016

  • Analysis: Ethics and trust are key parameters. Now to the how
  • News: Intimate Surveillance On The Rise
  • News: Fitness Trackers Leak Personal Data
  • News: Microsoft vs US Can Sink Safe Harbor
  • Blog: Data Ethics Needed In Algorithms
  • Blog: Golden Privacy Moments In Brussels

Newsletter from January 19 2016:

  • Analysis: Public Institutions Clean Their Websites For Tracking Cookies
  • News: The Fourth Industrial Revolution at World Economic Forum
  • News: Microsoft vs US Can Sink Safe Harbour
  • Report: Guarding and Growing Personal Data Value


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